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Tiyuv טִיוּב is NOW ACCEPTING applications
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We are currently recruiting new fellows for the second cohort of our 2023-2024 Tiyuv טִיוּב Evaluator Training and Mentoring Program!

Tiyuv is accepting applications for our second cohort of Jews of Color (JOC’s) fellows to train in formal evaluation. Program completers will earn a completion certificate and will be invited to join the Tiyuv team of professional evaluators for paid professional evaluation work.

Tiyuv will recruit and train a small cohort of new JOC evaluators each year. Training sessions will be conducted by Tiyuv leadership with support from partners. External facilitators will include leaders from Women of Color-led organizations Ubuntu Research and Evaluation and ¡Milwaukee Evaluation!, the Wisconsin statewide American Evaluation Association affiliate, and other national evaluation leaders.

2023-2024 Tiyuv טִיוּב Evaluator Training and Mentoring Program 

New Tiyuv Fellows will:

  • receive a $8,000 training fellowship to cover their time and expenses dedicated to the program over nine months, including attendance at 2-monthly virtual training sessions.

  • participate in hands-on evaluation training with one-on-one mentorship with evaluators and mentors from Tiyuv and partner institutions.

  • become members of the American Evaluation Association.

  • receive financial support for participating in external evaluation and professional development opportunities during their time in the program.

  • receive travel funds to cover the cost of attending two national evaluation and professional conferences (Spring 2024/Fall 2024).


Applications are due November 13, 2023, and the cohort will launch on December 22, 2023.

If you have questions about the program or are experiencing trouble with the application form, please email us at We look forward to being in touch with you!

2022-2023 Tiyuv Fellows


Hannah Borinson


Eddie Chavez Calderon


Rachel Faulkner


Adam Oyoke

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