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Tiyuv טִיוּב  (“improvement” in Hebrew) was developed in 2021 by two Jewish Women of Color, Shahanna McKinney Baldon, M.Ed., and Ramona Tenorio, Ph.D. who are also professional evaluators. Since then, Tiyuv has established a model and a hub for JOC-led, culturally responsive evaluation (CRE) of Jewish community racial justice programs.

In 2022, the Tiyuv New Evaluator Training and Mentoring Program launched to continue developing future Jews of Color as professional evaluators, working to improve our Jewish communal spaces. 


The work of Tiyuv draws upon the expertise of some of the foremost experts in the field of culturally responsive evaluation. We look forward to partnering with you to use a Jewish CRE lens to understand and improve your work.

Our approach 

Tiyuv intentionally lends attention to positionality, including the positionality of researchers and evaluators, and the method is designed to interrupt the effects of bias on the evaluation process while also centering those most affected by the issues explored in the evaluation. Using a culturally-responsive, racial and ethnic equity lens to elucidate not only the attitudes and behaviors of individuals, but also the broader systemic policies, and practices that contribute to racial equity and justice, our approach seeks to help organizational leaders and decision-makers to recognize and understand the interconnectedness of systems that historically advantage some over others.



Dr. Analucía Lopezrevoredo, Founder & Executive Director of Jewtina y Co, and former Senior Director, Project Shamash, a Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice program

Working with the Tiyuv team was a wonderful experience that significantly enriched our mission to understand if and how our goals and proposed outcomes were achieved via Project Shamash (a race equity initiative from Bend the Arc). Tiyuv's unwavering dedication to centering culturally-responsive research not only deepened our understanding but also enhanced our approach to serving our community. Their impact extended beyond the immediate—it inspired a ripple effect of positive change and understanding across the board. We were truly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a visionary team and have this report to share that was heavily informed by Tiyuv's evaluation.

Eleyna Fugman, Co-Founder & Executive Director, TischPDX

We just wrapped up a very successful contract with Tiyuv. The Tiyuv staff was able to meet us where we were at, with limited knowledge of evaluation and data collection and bring us a combination of hands-on learning, skill building, feedback and direct support in building new data collection tools. The entire team brought their full selves, skills and expertise to TischPDX, from which we have benefitted immensely.

Rabbi David Jaffe, Founder of the Kirva Institute and Inside Out Wisdom and Action Project

Tiyuv brings a relational and spiritual approach to the work as well, grounding each of the consultations in prayer and connection to the values and identities that are at the heart of the projects they work with. We recommend working with Tiyuv for a rigorous development and/or refinement of your theory of change and thorough evaluation of the impact of your programs.

Molly Cram, Senior Director, Network, UpStart

UpStart has collaborated with Tiyuv in a variety of ways: Tiyuv staff have supported program participants in an "ask me anything" open call for growth stage entrepreneurs; Tiyuv has helped create a suite of impact evaluation resources for UpStarter Network members (program alumni); and UpStart has recommended that program participants and Network members work directly with Tiyuv for their impact evaluation needs. Working with Tiyuv is always enjoyable and helpful and I walk away with more questions that I had before and new ways of approaching the work. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others!

Adam Okoye, Tiyuv Alumni (Cohort 1)

I am very grateful that I was able to be a part of the first Tiyuv cohort. Although I came in with a background in qualitative analysis, Tiyuv gave me a great foundation to build on that and learn how to do evaluation in research in non-academic contexts. As an alum, I have also been able to continue to work with Tiyuv on an evaluation project that we're doing with a local Jewish organization. This has given me a chance to apply the skills that I learned during the program while simultaneously doing work within the Jewish community

Tiyuv Fellow (Cohort 1)

Tiyuv brings a critical piece to evaluation that empowers Jews of Color to become agents of change in the world of evaluation while holding strong Jewish ethics.”

Metasabiya Habteyes, Director of Programs, TischPDX

Partnering with Tiyuv has profoundly enriched and deepened our work at TischPDX. Through our collaboration, we've gained a clearer understanding of our programs' effectiveness and moved closer to achieving our vision and mission. Tiyuv's innovative approach—blending data science with culturally relevant insights—has been instrumental in enhancing our local Jewish communal life. This partnership has provided us with valuable lessons and strategies for future projects and programs!

Tiyuv Fellow (Cohort 1)

I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn about culturally responsive evaluation with a cohort of Jews of Color. It was very meaningful to put theory into practice, and I learned so much throughout the entire experience.
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