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Tiyuv טִיוּב  (“improvement” in Hebrew) was developed in 2021 by two Jewish Women of Color, Shahanna McKinney Baldon, M.Ed., and Ramona Tenorio, Ph.D. who are also professional evaluators. Since then, Tiyuv has established a model and a hub for JOC-led, culturally responsive evaluation (CRE) of Jewish community racial justice programs.

In 2022, the Tiyuv New Evaluator Training and Mentoring Program launched to continue developing future Jews of Color as professional evaluators, working to improve our Jewish communal spaces. 


The work of Tiyuv draws upon the expertise of some of the foremost experts in the field of culturally responsive evaluation. We look forward to partnering with you to use a Jewish CRE lens to understand and improve your work.

Our approach 

Tiyuv intentionally lends attention to positionality, including the positionality of researchers and evaluators, and the method is designed to interrupt the effects of bias on the evaluation process while also centering those most affected by the issues explored in the evaluation. Using a culturally-responsive, racial and ethnic equity lens to elucidate not only the attitudes and behaviors of individuals, but also the broader systemic policies, and practices that contribute to racial equity and justice, our approach seeks to help organizational leaders and decision-makers to recognize and understand the interconnectedness of systems that historically advantage some over others.


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